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Tue, 09/09/2014




Gospel Superstar Deitrick Haddon and Grammy Award-Winning

Recording Artist Michelle Williams Mentor Struggling Choirs 

NEW YORK, NY – September 9, 2014 Oxygen Media is coming to the rescue of choirs across the country in the new music series “Fix My Choir,” premiering Wednesday, November 5 at 10 pm ET/PT. In this bold and uplifting series, struggling choirs get some much-needed mentoring from gospel superstar Deitrick Haddon (“Preachers of L.A.”) and Grammy Award-winning recording artist Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame. “Fix My Choir” is part of Oxygen’s rebrand, which launches on Tuesday, October 7th across all platforms, showcasing the network’s new logo and tagline, very real, targeting young, modern women.

“A great choir has the potential to inspire communities and uplift people everywhere,” said Rod Aissa, Senior Vice President, Original Programming and Development for Oxygen Media. “Viewers will witness Deitrick and Michelle breathe new life into choirs that have lost their way in ‘Fix My Choir,’ culminating with unforgettable performances that will bring the house down.”  

In each episode, Deitrick and Michelle travel to a different hometown to surprise a struggling gospel choir, community choir or other vocal group to help them find perfect harmony— not only in their music, but with each other. Together with an intervention and makeover, the choirs will ultimately have a chance for redemption. Over the course of a week, the mentors dive deep into the members’ lives to tackle the choir’s core issues such as leadership, interpersonal conflicts, artistic direction, and doing whatever it takes to get these choirs back on track with a big sound and newfound confidence. Deitrick and Michelle will take these choirs to the next level of singing, collaboration, and presentation, all in an effort to make the ordinary extraordinary.

“The choir represents family, unity and team work,” said Deitrick Haddon. “It’s an honor to be a part of introducing the choir culture to the world with “Fix My Choir.”                    


Joshua Kagler & Harmonistic Praise Crusade

New Orleans, LA

Following the devastating events of Hurricane Katrina, Joshua Kagler began his mission to bring lost souls to Christ through music. In 2009, he invested everything he owned and founded the Harmonistic Praise Crusade and led them to win the gospel competition “How Sweet The Sound.” Everything changed from that moment on as the choir became significantly less dedicated. Egos got out of control and members began to show up to performances late and challenge Joshua on a regular basis. In an attempt to bring peace within the group, Joshua made a crucial decision that would impact the future of the group. Broken and frustrated, the Harmonistic Praise Crusade must decide if they have the ability to come back together or call it quits.

Victor Bell and Halel

Los Angeles, CA

Victor Bell And Halel is a 20-member choir based in South Central, LA whose mission is to encourage and uplift to all cultures with a heart for the urban community. In 2009, the group was at the top of their game, but during a make-or-break performance an unfortunate incident occurred that forced them to return the ticket sales to everyone that attended. It’s been five-years since the ill-fated event and they have still not moved past that disaster. Since then, new members have joined the choir however, they are now split into two –old members vs. new members. In order to bring everyone back together again, the group must get to the heart of their issues and mend the damaged relationship between Victor and the choir.

Hermosa Beach Gospel Choir

Hermosa Beach, CA

Created by three sisters less than a year ago, the Hermosa Beach Gospel Choir is made up of an extremely diverse group of multi-denominational members. Being such a new group, the choir is looking to find their identity and get their name more recognized in the community with the goal of booking additional gigs. In order to do that, they need to recruit more members, specifically men, to add a stronger vocal range. However, this makes the original members a bit nervous that the dynamic of the group may shift significantly. With a lack of direction and focus, the Hermosa Beach Gospel Choir has the talent to achieve greatness, but needs to become one cohesive unit in order to shift their attention to their true mission – giving back to their community.

LA Inner City Mass Choir

Los Angeles, CA

LA Inner City Mass Choir is an underfunded inner city group founded by Jeffrey Coprich and aims to keep the local youth out of the gang life. The choir has teens and young adults from surrounding housing projects as well as rival gang members singing contemporary and traditional music side-by-side. As amazing as that is, they are plagued with issues – lack of professionalism, issues with stage presence and wavering commitment. Over the years, the LA Inner City Mass Choir has had to come together due to the loss of members or their loved ones. The choir has become a family unit and Jeffery is their father-figure. He wants to make sure they are constantly supported and can use the gift of song to push through some of life’s hardest moments. The funds for the choir come directly from Jeffery’s own pocket and he fears he will not be able to keep the choir going for much longer.

JaRonn & Flow

San Francisco, CA

JaRonn & Flow is a multicultural college choir, with members ranging from ages 18-30, that is led by director and founder Ja Ronn Thompson. Originally, people joined this choir out of their love to sing and participate in charity work. As the group became financially successful, Ja Ronn became more controlling. Members began to feel disrespected and bullied. When things continued to escalate, several members revolted in an attempt to force Ja Ronn to change. After briefly becoming the better version of himself, the old Ja Ronn was back again. This time, the choir refused to take it and decided to quit for good. As they prepare to play their final concert in L.A., some members come together to see if there is anything that can be done to save their choir.

Sirens of Gotham

Manhattan, NY

A sorority-like female A Cappella group, the Sirens of Gotham, is a Barbershop-style choir comprised of young professionals in Manhattan. While the choir director, Sarah, wants to take them to the next level and open up their Barbershop-style to add a more contemporary genre of music, the choir coordinator, Alexis, is challenging her opinion and wants to maintain the traditional style. Constantly distracted, something seems to be holding Sarah back from properly leading and guiding her choir to success. Can the Sirens of Gotham move past their disconnected views and begin to live-up to their abilities?

Mama Pat’s Inner Light Gospel Choir

Santa Barbara, CA

Mama Pat’s Inner Light Gospel Choir is a multicultural, multi‐racial, multi-denominational community choir open to members of all ages and backgrounds. Their purpose is to touch hearts and lift spirits through the medium of Gospel music, but ever since Mama Pat’s passing, the choir’s performance bookings have been few and far between. Due to her vision of inclusion, the choir does not hold auditions and the level of talent varies from experienced vocalists to tone deaf amateurs. Amongst the group there is a stand out singer, but she doesn’t have the confidence to step forward. Can she be convinced that she has the talent to be at the forefront of the choir? Mama Pat’s Inner Light Gospel Choir may have the heart, but they need to truly understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses in order to become a functioning and successful choir.

Tyanta Snow & Xtreme Purpose

Pasadena, CA

Led by Director and Founder Tyanta Snow, Xtreme Purpose performs traditional, contemporary, inspirational gospel and mainstream music. It’s a 20‐member choir with talented vocalists who have performed back-up for some of the biggest names in gospel music. With great success, comes great challenges. Everyone in the choir wants to be the best and will do whatever it takes to get there, however, members frequently party hard and struggle with their performances. Tyanta is dedicated to running the choir, but is perceived as a “control freak” with a temper. He is constantly being challenged in front of the other choir members by his lead vocalist, Octavia. They both feel disrespected and their arguments have trickled down throughout the group, causing a lack of respect, jealousy and backstabbing amongst members to escalate.

“Fix My Choir” is produced by Pink Sneakers with John Ehrhard and Kimberly Ehrhard serving as Executive Producers along with Holly Carter, Jonathan Singer, Lamar Damon and Deitrick Haddon.

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